Mission: To improve the health of Tarrant County by working collaboratively to protect, promote, and support breastfeeding

Vision: A community rooted in family-friendly principles

Event Planning:  To raise awareness of breastfeeding through community events

  1. Support August World Breastfeeding Month.
  2. Support other breastfeeding events and education quarterly.

Community Outreach: To partner with community organizations to help educate and promote breastfeeding to create a family-friendly community

  1. Promote proper handling of breast milk at daycares.
  2. Promote mother-friendly worksites in local businesses in Tarrant County.
  3. Promote breastfeeding support for students and teachers in area schools.
  4. Investigate the feasibility of establishing a baby café in our community.

Social Media: To provide a presence for the Tarrant County Breastfeeding Coalition and serve as a resource for breastfeeding mothers across Tarrant County

  1. Establish the Tarrant County Breastfeeding Coalition as a breastfeeding resource in Tarrant County.

Fundraising: To secure funding to support and promote breastfeeding across Tarrant County

  1. Identify breastfeeding grant opportunities.
  2. Investigate the feasibility of establishing as a non-profit 501C3..

Now breastfeeding mothers can find resources wherever they are, even on the go! Download latchME to see helpful professionals and fun places to feed in your neighborhood. You can even add your favorite local resources directly on the app or at latchMD.com/Add4moms. They'll show up on the map immediately!

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